lunedì 27 marzo 2017

Flying over

It feels like I'm flying
Very close to the ground
Grazing only the river of lies
where I float I drown

I sense the dramatic futility of  everyday life
The grandiosity of human wandering
Of a foolish gait , inhuman

I detach, I soar over the errors, the horrors
Not  merciful angel
But melancholic brother
Emphatically, harmfully  above everything, everyone
A city, unrolls under me
Vibrant, bright

But  lively for what life?
Throbbing with what colors?

A hearthbreaking melody , carresses inside, it brings me high  for a few moments , not far away
Puts me aside, on purpose, from that me who is with you
In the daily flowing of lies, of pettiness, of pointlessness 

english transation by Claudia Cesari
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